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Membership Commitment Form  

Please use the form below to indicate your Commitment to 100 Women Who Care Oakville. If you are making a Commitment as part of a Team, each person should provide their individual information by filling out the form below and use the Additional Notes section to communicate how the $100 donation will be split between Team Members.

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I understand that I am making a commitment to 100 Women Who Care Oakville to make an annual donation of $400 ($100 at each of our 4 meetings) given directly to a local charity or one of its valuable programs that serves the Oakville community. I agree to fulfill my donation commitment even if I did not vote for the charity selected by majority vote. I also agree that I will provide my cheque to another member to deliver in my place OR I will e-transfer my $100.00 donation to if I am not able to attend the quarterly meeting.

I agree to have my contact information included in the 100 Woman Who Care Oakville membership directory.

Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time, please send an e-mail to indicating your withdrawal.