Charlie meets his new best friend DUKE!

On Tuesday, September 25th, 100 Women Who Care Oakville Leadership Committee members Mary Siemiesz, Susan Salhia and Catherine Smith attended a ‘Meet and Greet’ at the Lions Club Centre on Wilson Street in Oakville. They were delighted to finally meet Duke the beautiful black lab that the 100 Women Who Care Oakville Chapter sponsored with their $10,000 donation from the January 2017 meeting. They had the opportunity to meet the Austism Assistance Dog Guide team who trained Duke and his foster parents, Chris and Donna Lynn Wensley, who raised him from a pup,

Each dog receives approximately six months of specialized training, then the parents of the child undergo a ten day training period with their new dog guide. The parents then return home to assist with the bond between their child and dog guide. After a few weeks, one of the instructors travels to their home to complete a week of training and ensure the public access test is passed successfully. This marks the beginning of a loving relationship with increased safety and independence for the entire family.

The ladies also had the pleasure of meeting May, the mother of 7 year old Charlie, who will become Duke’s new best friend. May expressed her thanks through tears of appreciation to the 100WWCO representatives.

Duke was one of 7 dogs who ‘graduated’ with their new Canadian families in attendance. The six other families came across the country, from the corner of Northwest Territories to the tip of Cape Breton! Be sure to say “hi” if you see Charlie, May and Duke in Oakville. It was an emotional evening for all in attendance.

100 Women Who Care Oakville – PURPOSE. IMPACT.COMMUNITY. Please feel free to share this donation story update with your friends, family, neighbours and co-workers.

Next meeting – Monday November 12, 2018 @ Oakville Golf Club

Check in – 6:30pm

Meeting – 7:00pm

Social – 8:00pm (optional)

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