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Wish List


It takes a village to help a village.

When we gather our members and the chosen charities together 4 times a year, its a huge effort. Kind of like planning a wedding. We need a venue, some light refreshments, we have a guest list to manage, we set up chairs and tables and AV, we arrange for give ways, maybe flowers, and try to agree on music.


But there's one big difference- our organization has no budget. We pull it off because of the goodness, graciousness, generosity and grit of our volunteer leadership team and our community. 

Please give a thought to how you, your business or family might help us help our community, in any of these meaningful ways:

venue: share your business space for our meetings. We're in & out from 5:30-9:30 on a Monday night. We need seats for ~60-80, tables for registration and refreshments and some space to mingle for social time.

supplies: photocopying  |  paper 

food/drink cupcakes  |  squares  |  fresh fruit   finger foods  |  refreshments

door prizes sports tickets  |  cute crafts or art  | gift baskets  | theatre tickets  | gift certificates/card  |  discounts 

swag bag items note pads |  pens |  coupons |  toiletries |  tasty treats | recyclable bags | unique product|

And calling all new members!!!

Your energy and enthusiasm go a long way. You can help us help our community when you:

Register to attend our meetings on social media | Share the invite | Invite a guest

| Donate on time by etransfer | Talk us up | Join us in person 

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100% of what we raise each meeting goes to our Charity of Choice. 100%. Wow.

We can do what we do because of the generosity of YOU


Interested in helping us help, by helping us with the operational needs and expenses of 100 Women Who Care Oakville? We would be grateful!


Please contact our leadership team by email at


A huge & heartful THANK YOU....

to our generous corporate, entrepreneurial and individual partners who help by sponsoring our events, share spaces, connect us and provide supplies, treats, give ways and so very much encouragement

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Check out the 100WWCO Merch is a NEW community partner!

With every purchase made from our "look book" page, $2 will be donated back to our chapter! This donation back will help cover some of our chapter's operating costs!

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