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Inviting New Members !! 

We joyfully and enthusiastically welcome new members any time. We are a our caring Team - a warm, open, diverse and inclusive group.

As a "member" of the 100WWCO Team, you will learn about charities in Oakville helping our community, you'll meet great women and inspiring speakers at our fun meetings which are 1 hour of "business" and a fun social time before and after.

As a member, you have 1 vote at each meeting to chose one of the 3 charities that come to present about their programs.

As a member, you are required to make a $100 charitable donation to each of the 4 Charities of Choice chosen at each meeting (even if you don't come to the meeting and even if the one you voted for is not chosen)


So if you are KEEN TO CARE, CONNECT and CONTRIBUTE, fill our the registration form below and COME JOIN US!

We look forward to meeting you!​


Please Bring a Guest or 2!

We invite everyone to bring a guest to every meeting to increase awareness of 100WWCO efforts and how we work, and to increase awareness of the needs in our community and the wonderful agencies who make a positive difference in their work. 

We look forward to welcoming them.

Submit Your Donaton

How to Submit Your Donation


All members commit to making 4 donations a year of $100, ideally in advance of each meeting.  

We prefer e-transfers and will accept cheques - we do not accept donations by credit card due to fees. is the address and if you need to mail a cheque, send us a quick email and we will send you the best mailing address.

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