We welcome any person with a desire to support the good work of local charitable agencies serving our local community to join as an Individual or Team member of 100 Women Who Care Oakville. Each member gives four $100 tax deductible donations per year, learns more about ways to extend our generosity, skills and compassion to support the amazing happenings right here in our Town. 

Simply review and complete the Commitment Form below to join us as a Member. The information collected allows us to connect with you and issue your tax receipts. Please consider inviting a friend, colleague or relative- or two- to join you in this great work.

Small groups of 2 to 4 people may chose to join as a Membership Team, where you donate the same $400 per year, and you decide which person the tax receipts go to each meeting. Each one of you needs to complete the form so we have contact details for communications and for tax receipts.  For more info about joining as a Team, see our FAQ.

Membership Commitment Form  

Please use the form below to indicate your Commitment to 100 Women Who Care Oakville. If you are making a Commitment as part of a Team, each person should provide their individual information by filling out the form below and use the Additional Notes section to communicate how the $100 donation will be split between Team Members.

Member Commitment and Consent: By checking the box of each statement below, I affirm my commitment and consent:

Member Donation Best Practices

  1. submit your $100 donation the day of our meeting whether you are in person or not

  2. use etransfer - so much more efficient, less costly and accurate

  3. be graceful with the $3 surcharge for credit card payments

  4. keep your email address up to date with us for your tax receipt