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About Us


Founded in 2013, 100 Women Who Care Oakville is one of more than 700 similar groups located worldwide that focus on coordinating funding for local, community charitable organizations. We gather at quarterly meetings for one hour to hear three short presentations on local nonprofits in need. Members vote and each person e-transfers or writes their cheque for $100 directly to the chosen nonprofit resulting in a collective, impactful donation.  


Our group is led by a volunteer team and we collect no administrative fees. Members, local businesses and community connection donate spaces, refreshments and supplies so we can gather. So a full 100% of the donations members make go to the charities.


We welcome anyone to join as a member, at any time during the year. Join here


What we do

We organize quarterly events which gather together 100+ caring, compassionate and community-minded women and connect them with three local community non profit agencies doing great work in our area. We hear short pitches from each agency all about their work and their funding needs.


All members make a commitment when they join to make a tax deductible donation of $100 at each meeting. 

By vote, we choose one of the three agencies to whom we will donate the entire pool of donations made by the membership.  This collective giving circle raises as much as $10,000 or more for the selected organization four times a year.  Pretty amazing stuff.


And the 100 Women Who Care giving circle concept isn't just a women thing- there are 100 Teens Who Care and 100 Guys Who Care all around the world. 

what we do
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