Our Story
In September 2013 this great concept was brought to the Town Of Oakville by a wonderful local woman-Dana Peever. Since the launched of our first meeting with the support of of some very generous women in Oakville,we have raised over $60,000! The concept is that simple. It is that powerful!

The Concept
The 100 Women Who Care Oaville concept is intentionally simple. It is a grassroots mobilization of fundraising for community-focused impact. We are not a registered charity, non-profit organization or club. We are simply volunteer facilitators who provide networking events to bring together Oakville’s caring, giving women and our hard working local charitable organizations for awareness, support and local impact.

Who can join?
100 Women Who Care Oakville is for every woman who desires to directly support local charities in Oakville. We keep the methodology simple and easy. 1 hour of your time X 4 times a year X $100 donation to the one of three charitable organizations the group has chosen to support each time. You will even have the opportunity to nominate your favourite charitable organization for consideration at the next meeting!

Our Ask
By signing up for membership, we are asking for your committment to supporting 4 one-hour meetings in one year at $100 each meeting (tax receipts will be sent to you by the charitable organization you supported).